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A consistent issue that caused delay and retouching costs for Sonos, was the use of assets that wouldn't always be suitable for the final use. The assets, great shots suitable for editorials, would always need extensive – and expensive – retouching when placed in digital banners. The solution,
was for Splash to take over the photography, and shoot with an eye on smart direction.

By considering the end use, we could shoot multiples of the same scene up front, moving items that our empirical knowledge told us would clash with design elements at the production stage. In doing so, we saved our client's time and money at the tail end of the project, when both timing and costs were typically under pressure.

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Splash's long standing relationship with Sonos saw us work across every platform, from producing printed out of home and 'station domination' advertising, to creating digital assets and motion video, using photography, live action video, animation and CGI.

My team became the client's go-to creative and production partner, working for all of Sonos' global territories, including the Americas, Europe and Australia – each with varied campaigns, promotions and products.

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